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This page presents the available product options. Please note that some options may not be available for all versions of our products. Check for suitability.

IDA - Intelligent Display Administration

Intelligent Display Administration (IDA) enables the user to do multiple functions by the device, remotely and automatically. With IDA you can, for example, turn off the display or PC, adjust brightness/contrast, select different picture source, check the internal temperature/humidity of the device and analyze the statistics gathered by IDA. And all of this can also be done thru the Internet or LAN (Local Area Network). It protects the device automatically from over heating, too low temperatures and also harmfull moisture. Integrated PC watchdog monitors the PC and restarts (reset) the computer if software has hang, also marking this event to the memory for later analyzis.

With these functions the devices can be monitored and controller from across the world. They give maintenance personel the means to point and actively target correct devices pre-emptively even before actual problems occure. In some problem situations maintenance can simply be done from the suppliers own desktop without the need to visit the device.

IDA is especially designed for controlling public information system displays. For example, turning the display on and off automatically by a schedule can be easily arranged. This way the display is only on when the building is open and the display life is prolonged because it doesn't have to be on all the time. IDA can be incorporated with most of our products - every time remote administration is needed.

Example diagram of IDA connecting to a network and devices

IDA Networking

User interface

PC and monitor devices can be integrated with a user interface, which makes it possible to operate the computer like with an ordinary mouse. The properties of a mouse can be combined to the device into one compact package. An ordinary mouse can usually be used paraller with the integrated model.

Membrane key mouse in an AP1200 monitor
Membrane key mouse
Optically superior, no need to install anything in front of the display panel. Operated with intuitive and easy to use push buttons. Especially recommended, when the mouse operations are not needed so often or an ordinary mouse cannot be used for user environmental resons (for example dust and water). Standard version includes also a key lock. PS/2 connection or USB (special order).

AP800PRO Touch screen monitor
Touch Screen
The most user friendly and intuitive option. A touch sensitive glass is installed in front of the display panel, this also protects the panel. RS232 (serial), PS/2 or USB connection. Drivers for different operating systems.

Extended brightness adjust

In standard office TFT-monitors brightness adjustment is made by adjusting the color palettes darkness. While this might be enough for any normally lit environment, it really is inadecuate for real dark use (ships, vehicles etc.). Simply by adjusting the color palette the real brightness of the display remains the same and therefore it will "glow" in the dark and take away the users ability to see in dark.

Luminicioty in TFT displays is created by the integrated CCF light(s) and their power supplys, the inverters. The right way for brightness adjustment is to control the CCFL's with a special inverter. By this way we actually control the problem, not just go around it (by darkening the color palette): the user's ability to see in dark is not affected when the real monitor brightness is equal to the surrounding environment. Adjustment range can be up to 1-100% (just like in CRT monitors).

For brightness we offer the following options:

AP1200 Monitor - side picture
Membrane keyboard, with +/- keys
Stylish and easily understood control method. The devices protection class can be very good (splash water tight or even better).

Traditional, with a potentiometer
Ergonomic and natural adjustment knob.

Quick control, "*"-key
Monitors can be equipped with a OSD-membrane keyboard. It has a "*"-key which can be easily used for switching between max and min brightness' or adjust a suitable brightness in between.

Automatic brightness control is utilised with a light sensitive component and a processor developed for it. The electronics adjust the brightness automatically according the surrounding brightness.

Active temperature and humidity control

Temperature control makes it possible to use the device in difficult conditions. Ordinary TFT displays operating temperature is at its lowest 0 (-5 C) degrees centigrade. In temperatures below this TFT display slows down and finally freezes. Below -20 C damage to the display is possible. For this reason Alpha Point has developed an automated way to monitor and control the inside temperature of the display and if needed heat the device. After heating the device to a safe temperature it automaticly switched on.

For example in vehicle applications another critical factor is humidity (condensed water). By monitoring the inside humidity the possible damage to the electronics can be avoided with active humidity control.

Sync on Green

A way of graphics signal transfer where synchorization signals are embedded into the green color data signal. This is especially used in old RGB industrial monitors.

Sync on Green option makes it possible to use a modern Alpha Point TFT monitor instead of an old and bulky industrial CRT monitor (for example Conrac, Alcont, Altim). Connection interface is three BNC connectors (RGB).

Video input

In addition to the standard VGA connection the monitors can be equipped with video input. This can be used to connect for example video surveillance cameras, TV-tuners or even a DVD-player to the monitor.

BNC connector
Composite video, PAL/NTSC
The most common video transfer method, BNC connector (75 ohm.)

With special order most of our monitors can be equipped with S-Video input. S-Video provides a more professional picture quality. Minidin 4 connector.

Monitor stands

With our monitor stands you can easily and firmly place the monitors to the desired place and position. Our stands are firm enough to be used with touch screens.

Monitor stand, model HEAVY
Adjustable monitor stand, HEAVY model
This professional monitor stand offers wide adjustment ranges: both ends have 360 roll (around the shaft), 90 tilt and 360 roll around the ball bearing, so you can position the monitor almost anyway you like! The stands fit to most of our products. Very sturdy, suits even for big monitors.

Monitor stand, model Mobile
Adjustable monitor stand, Mobile model
This professional monitor stand offers wide adjustment ranges with two ball bearing, so you can position the monitor almost anyway you like! The stands fit to most of our products. Especially for environments where vibration is a problem: rubber ball bearings absorb shocks and vibration and protect the attached device. Also very well protected against corrosion.

Basic stand
Affordable basic stand, features vertical tilt.

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