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Alpha Point - in short

º Reg number: 305.672, domicile Helsinki, registered 17.6.1982
º VAT-number: FI04843363
º Domestic market name Alfa Point Oy
º 26 years actively in business
º Staff 5 permanent
º Turnover about 1 M €
º AAA Dun & Bradstreet, Finland
º Over 200 customers
º Networked through out the world - exporting to some 30 countries
Alfa Pointin tuotantotiloista

Take a look at a story of the 26-year old company, 20th Anniversary of Alpha Point

Alpha Point Ltd, based in Helsinki, is a widely known developer and manufacturer of many kind of flat screen controller / adapter boards, PC monitors, OEM display modules and data terminals.

Industrial or mobile terminals, display modules and flat PC's monitors with or without touch screen function are typical available OEM products for the system integrators.

The company's main area of work is the research, sales and development of flat screen and touch screen based products.

Since 1982 we have manufactured thousands of controllers, adapters, touch screens and related products. We do business worldwide through a close relationship with our network of representatives and partners.

At the moment our product line can be devided to these maingroups:

  • Professional devices: flat panel PC- and/or videomonitors and panel PCs for industrial, vehicle and ship use, all with touch screen
  • OEM-kits: complete TFT LCD KITs, touch screen kits
  • Flat panel screen and and other accessories: TFT-elements, TFT interface boards, back light inverters, touch screens
  • Other products: EL-modules, serial link interface boards etc.

In all of our product areas we maintain a policy of continuous research and development. Our experience and expertise has enabled us to establish a prominent position in our niche know-how area.

For many years Alpha Point has been involved in developing the Touch Screen devices for the customers. This feature provides a very effective Man-Machine interface for our customers.

Alpha Point is selling resistive, IR (optical) and GW (guided wave) technoloy based solutions for OEM manufacturers, end users or as combined display modules to the system integrators. The product range consists of small to large standard flat screen panels available. Just contact us for your needs, we're at your service to search and quote the succesfull integration.

If You're looking for a special solution or want a problem to be solved by someone else we're the company to turn to. We've had many projects in different enviroments over the years. So, please do not hesitate contacting us. We might have a ready solution for Your needs already or if there isn't we'll develop one for You!

1982 Craft Data Ltd, London – plasma controllers
Muovilami Oy, Ähtäri – project
1983 Dale Electronics, Nebraska – PDP controllers
Altim Control Ky, Varkaus - development project
1984 Schauman Oy, Jyväskylä – factory process display
Savon Sanomat, Kaleva newspaper house - project
1985 Dixy Corp., Tokio – graphical controller for plasma display
Kemira, Valkeakoski – PDP displays
1986 Mobira Oy, Äänekoski – Mobitex vehicle display – development project
Amdahl Corp., Santa Clara touch screens
1987 Nokia-Mobira, Salo mobile phone display project
Invertag Ag, Zürich – serial link controllers
1988 Åkerströms Ab, Björbo – warehouse display terminals
Elmont Oy, Lahti - process displays
1989 Galvatek Oy, Lahti – process displays
Sattcontrol Oy, Helsinki – control room displays
1990 Altim Control Oy, Varkaus – press machine operation display
PTL Posti – sorting machine display
1991 Lohja Finlux, Espoo – VT220 terminal development project
Amber Sa, Athens - ship monitors
1992 Parlament of Finland, Helsinki – Voting displays, 200 pcs
1993 Raute Wood Oy, Nastola – factory process displays
Honeywell Oy, Varkaus process displays
1994 Star Elettronica srl, Milano – radar displays, several projects
Microtronica, Oslo - EL-controllers
1995 WSOY, Porvoo – color profile display
Eurocomposant, Paris – touch screen modules, several projects
1996 Masa Yards Oy, Helsinki – Caribian luxury cruisers, several ships
Alfa Laval, Malmö - factory displays
1997 Kone Oyj, Hyvinkää – sky scraper elevator displays, several projects
Contraves Inc, Florida military project
1998 Hardgroup Oy, Kerava – industrial displays
Review Display Systems, London – monitors for coast guard ship
1999 City of Turku – parlament house monitors
Patria Vechicles Oy – armor vehicle video displays
2000 Carnival Cruise Line, Florida – cruise ship monitors
Meriturva, Espoo – ship simulator touch screen monitors
2001 Fortum Oyj - Espoo oil tanker ship navigation monitors
Elesco, Espoo – operation panel displays
RAY slot machine monitors
2002 Finland Post Corporation - post sorting control system monitors
The Finnish Defence Forces - navigation and radar monitors

2003 Resellers - Navigation PC's and monitors for boats
Craft Data Ltd., UK - touch screen displays for the underground train driver
Finnish Navy, Frontier Guard, rescue services - monitors for special vessels and helicopters

2004 Kone Oyj – sky scraper elevator displays
Special vehicle panel PC's - several projects
Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport transportation information displays
Helsinki City Transport and City of Vantaa public transportation information displays

2005 Finnish Navy - radar/navigation monitors
Herenco Press Ab - printing press monitors
EuroComposant SA - touch screen displays
Aker Finnyards & Marine Alutech - ship monitors
ClearChannel & JCDecaux - tram/outdoor monitors

2006 Finn-Opasteet Oy - public information displays
Newspaper press' - press machine control displays
Extrabit Oyj - OEM displays
Finnish Navy - ship monitors
Microserve, Quatar - special display technology

2007 City of Jyväskylä - Outdoor displays for Local traffic information
Helsinki City Transport - subway station local traffic timetable monitors
Water vessel and custom vehicle PC's and displays - multiple projects
Industrial surveillance camera monitors

AP4000PRO/Outdoor, 40" TFT PC

Jyväskylän Vapaudenkadun aikataulunäyttö
40" AP4000PRO/Outdoor displays in outdoor environment at Jyväskylä Vapaudenkatu bus stops.

AP3000PRO/PC, 30" TFT PC

AP3000PRO Helsinki-Vantaan Lentokentällä
AP3000PRO/PCs at Helsinki-Vantaa International airport.

AP3000PRO, 30" TFT Monitor

AP3000PRO monitor at "Spårakoff"-tram, painted to fit the year 2005 renewed interior.

AP500PRO, 15.1" TFT monitor

AP500PRO monitors at Meriturva ship control simulator.

AP800PRO, 18.1" TFT monitor

AP800PRO/RACK monitors at Meriturva ship engine room simulator.

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